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The Pursuit of Knowledge

Working with horses brings to light the glaring fact that there is always more to know. That is what has set me on my path to discover other horse cultures. While most will focus on one specific style, striving for perfection, I am drawn to experience as many as I can.

Starting this quest has opened the door to a flood of questions. With all the different cultures, all the different horse breeds and personalities, did we really all come to a similar conclusion? Or, is it the effect of hundreds of years of sharing information with one another that has led to similar philosophies? What training methods and philosophies actually make them a better horse? What constitutes a better horse? I will do my best to learn and not judge. Leaving that to my horses.

There is no shortage of books and opinions on how to work with horses and what is correct. It is important to absorb this information that is readily available and that is where we will begin our journey. However, it is what is beyond that curtain of knowledge that excites me. By going forward with an open mind and really watching how the horses respond, there is no limit to what we can discover!

Join us at to see our discoveries.

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