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Moments in Time

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.”

- Sharon Ralls Lemon 

This past week I had to put down my mare, Freya. It is a part of life with horses that we all eventually experience. While reflecting on the time Freya was with us, I kept thinking about what a privilege it has been to share so many moments with her.

The first that came to mind are the two foals she had while with me. She was the best mother! Showing the perfect balance between nurture and discipline. I spent countless hours with her both before and after the birth. Soaking up the peace of the moment while she cared for the new foal. Freya also had a keen sense of adventure. After I'd started her, we began exploring little bits of Colorado. She'd eagerly head down the trail no matter the weather or the terrain. 

In the last year, I began using her as a lesson horse. It was such a pleasure to see others bask in the joy of this mare. The patience I had seen many times with her foals she seamlessly transferred to the students who worked with her.

It stuck me that while I fondly look back at all these moments, it is an equal privilege to be with her during her final moments. To be with such a graceful creature at such a pure and raw moment left me with a deep appreciation for all aspects of this life. I have had the fortune of not simply having a career but shaping my life around the lifestyle that is horses.

Here is a collection of photos from Freya's time with us.

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