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A Month with Hoof Beats Theatre

My first month with all of you has flown by! It's been great fun travelling with my human. I have now been to visit most of you and love hanging out and watching the horses. My main job has been keeping up with my human and trying to keep her on schedule. I've finally got her trained to be up by 5:00 and getting to important things such as breakfast! I also have been helping her with stalls. She puts all the manure in a wheelbarrow and throws it away! Luckily, I manage to save a few pieces and hide them away for later. Silly humans!

Already I have made some good friends here. Tucker has been showing me the ropes. Including, which humans will give you treats, the best spots to bury things, and how to ask to be let out. I've been helping teach him how to play tug and find his inner puppy! Calypso is my new best friend/ partner in crime. Between the two of us, we always find something for Emily to do. I love leading her on adventures out of the barn when the human's back is turned. Freya seems like the smartest one of the bunch and shows us the best places to lie in the shade.

They all keep talking about a new addition. I hope its another horse and not another dog (or a goat). I feel I've got the canine position fully covered and another one would just get in the way. I hope I'll find out what they are talking about soon! 

We have started sleeping in the barn lately. I don't mind seeing as we set up a nice bed made out of hay bales. I think it has something to do with new addition we're expecting. Once I figure out what's going on around here, I will keep you all informed. In the meantime, here are some pictures of my adventures so far!

Never stop exploring!


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