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2017 Update

It's already been a busy year with lots of changes. The horses have moved to a new barn. They are so happy over at 4B Ranch and Stables. Freya, Gypsy, and Calypso get to be in a large pasture with lots of other horses. It is fun to see how the react with all of them and where they end up in the pecking order. Ronan is learning how to be a stallion from his new friend Issac. We are hoping to be able to turn them out together soon. I've been seeing what looks like some copper spots on Ronan but can't tell with his winter coat. It'll be interesting to see what he looks like after he sheds.

I filmed a promotional video in January with Enoch Gonzalez. It was a wonderful experience and I couldn't have asked for a better location at the Cherry Valley Barn. Roma Ransom created a wonderful song that will be in my future show as well.  I'll be sending the video to various fairs/festivals in Colorado, including the Renaissance festival, in order to get some gigs with my horses this summer. 

Freya will be bred to Tysen again this spring. I love how his foals turn out. Calypso is incredibly smart and beautiful while Ronan is the perfect gentleman. I'll will keep you updated on her condition and when to expect the next foal.

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