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Hoof Beats Theatre Code

As a member of The Hoof Beats Theatre Riding League, I hereby certify to adhere to the code as follows:

  • The purpose of this group is to create a supportive and engaging environment to explore and develop our relationship with our horses.

  • We believe that horses are partners in this life and, if treated accordingly, can lead to a deeper meaning and appreciation of life.

  • We believe that the process of learning should never stop and should be pursued continuously to achieve the highest level of appreciation and partnership with our horses.

  • To achieve this, you must consistently provide the necessary levels of care and comfort. These include but are not limited to: proper nutrition, reasonable shelter, dental care, farrier care, and sufficient mental stimulation. This also includes proper upkeep of equipment needed to care for your horse.

  • It is agreed upon that people and horses develop differently. Each member is responsible for judging the fitness of themselves and their horse to participate in group activities, and feel comfortable asking for activities to help them learn and grow as they need to.

  • Those failing to abide by this code will receive one warning before losing their membership.

  • Monthly dues are to be paid before the first event of each month

  • There is a $25 fee for all guest participants invited by a member

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